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6 HVAC Pocket Buddies

November 13, 2012 by admin | Category: HelpfulTags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , | Comments (0)

Have you ever been out in the middle of a job when you realize you really need a PT Chart or a Duct Calculator? Most of us have, and getting a hold of an HVAC tool kit can sometimes be a hassle. Thanks to the development smart phone applications this should no longer be a problem for you. Here are 6 great smart phone apps that may save you from stressing out on your next job.

1. HVAC Buddy® – This  HVAC app is a handy refrigerant and diagnostic application. If you are servicing equipment the best way to begin diagnosis and determine the proper refrigerant charge is to use HVAC Buddy®, a set of gauges, and a thermometer. This app improves accuracy and is easy to access through your smart phone.

2. Bitzer’s Refrigerant Reference Tool – This convenient application is an intuitive saturated pressure temperature reference wheel that focuses on the most common refrigerants found in AC and refrigeration systems. Instead of scrolling through many refrigerants rarely used, this app provides users with the ability to select and arrange the refrigerants in any order.Furthermore, this is the only PT app with the ability to use imperial and metric units at the same time. And best of all… it’s free!

3. HVAC Buddy® Psychrometric – Quickly calculate thermodynamic properties of moist air at temperatures commonly used in HVAC Systems. Given dry bulb temperature, pressure, and any one of four properties all remaining properties are calculated. Tabs allow entry of two sets of properties which can be combined with flow rates on the Mix tab to get properties of the resulting air flow. Save entry parameters and calculations via email from direct entry or your contact list.

4. HVAC GridBuddy – GridBuddy is a tool for professional technicians to differentiate themselves from the “Gas and Go” crowd. By utilizing standard measurements and observations that should be recorded on any service ticket GridBuddy helps assess refrigerant charge, coil characteristics, total electrical demand, and total cooling capacity. Calculate baseline and incremental operating costs before, during, and after servicing. Send a summary email report of results.

5. HVAC Buddy® Duct Calc – Are all Duct sizing calculators tedious? The wheel ductulators and computerized versions are pretty amazing but you still are left testing different combinations given a set of design parameters. Duct Calc Buddy goes just a bit further and runs through iterations to generate a list of duct sizes meeting a given friction loss, velocity, and material.

6. HVAC ToolKit – The HVAC Toolkit from Carmel Software is the essential app for anyone in the HVAC industry. It includes a combination of most of Carmel Corporation’s individual iPhone applications including:

1. HVAC Quick Load
2. HVAC Duct Sizer
3. HVAC Psychrometric Plus
4. Steam Tables
5. HVAC Pipe Sizer – Liquid
6. HVAC Pipe Sizer – Steam
7. HVAC Pipe Sizer – Gas Low
8. HVAC Pipe Sizer – Gas High

The “HVAC Quick Load” module allows you to quickly calculate total heating and cooling loads for a wide variety of building types.



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