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What Are the Differences Between Wall-Mounted and Window-Mounted Air Conditioners?

June 22, 2012 by admin | Category: Educational, Helpful, InformationComments (0)

During hot summer days and humid nights, an air conditioning system is useful for cooling down apartments, homes or individual rooms. While some residential housing has air conditioning systems that cool down each unit or room within the building, older buildings may not be equipped with such. Wall-mounted and window-mounted systems are two options available on the market.

  1. Definitions

    • A wall-mounted air conditioning system is a smaller unit that goes inside a room. The wall-mounted system takes the air in the room and cools it down to the desired temperature as set on the unit’s thermostat. A window-mounted air conditioning system works in the same manner, except it is mounted to a window and uses the hot air outside rather than the room air. Although the main function is the same for both types of systems, there are major differences between wall-mounted and window-mounted systems.


    • The installation process for each system differs primarily because wall-mounted units require cutting a hole in the wall while window units don’t. The wall-mounted unit’s chassis must be installed in the wall, along with the unit itself that fits inside. Once removed from the chassis, the unit can be easily cleaned. Window-mounted air conditioning systems are not as difficult to install. First the window screen must be removed from the window; then the system is placed in the window frame, and the window is closed around it to secure the unit. While newer models may have the mounting bracket attached to the unit itself, older models may require a bracket installation on the window frame prior to installation.


    • The overall appearance of these air conditioning systems is also different as the wall-mounted system takes up some wall space. Some homeowners may not find it attractive to have such a system, but some units are compact with a streamlined appearance and fit easily into the existing décor. As their name implies, window-mounted systems take up much of the window space and block out natural sunlight. While this may be acceptable during the hot summers, some homeowners may not find it appealing.


    • The removal process for these two types of air conditioners is also different. Since wall-mounted systems involve cutting a hole in the wall, the removal process requires rebuilding parts of the wall. The removal process for newer model window-mounted systems is easier as the homeowner simply has to reattach the window screen to the open window once the system has been removed. Older units may require the homeowner to unscrew the bracket installation prior to reattaching the window screen.

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