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How to Unfreeze an Air Conditioner Unit

September 7, 2012 by admin | Category: EducationalComments (0)

A central, or window air conditioner unit, may freeze for a variety of reasons. If you need to unfreeze an air conditioner unit, it is not as simple as just removing ice from the air conditioner system. In addition to thawing the unit and collecting the water as it melts, it is also important to determine the cause of the freezing. Left unattended, this underlying cause is likely to freeze your air conditioner again after a short period of time. Continue reading to learn how and when to unfreeze an air conditioner, as well as some of the common causes of air conditioner freezing.

How and When to Unfreeze Your Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner is cooling a room unnecessarily or refuses to turn on properly, it may be frozen. To correct this problem, begin by thawing the conditioner.

To thaw an air conditioner unit, turn the entire unit off. Deactivate the breakers so that the circuits do not short out during the thawing process. As the air conditioner thaws, water will drip and leak from the unit itself. So that the thawing water does not create a mess, fix a trash bag or bucket underneath the air conditioner unit. Monitor this carefully over the next couple of hours as the ice melts.

Once the ice has melted, allow the air conditioner unit to dry for 24 hours. Be careful that the unit is entirely dry before operating it again.

Determining and Remedying the Underlying Cause of the Freezing

There are several potential causes of freezing in an air conditioner unit. The filters, cooling coils and fans all may be completely or partially responsible. In order to ensure that your air conditioner does not continue to freeze in the future, examine each of these component pieces for maintenance needs.

Filters that are worn out or dirty may contribute to freezing in an air conditioner. Check to see if the filters are broken or need to be replaced. Typically, you should plan on replacing the filters in your air conditioner unit every 2 to 3 months. Test them to ensure that air can flow through them with ease.

The cooling coils in the air conditioner unit are also potential contributors to air conditioner freezing. Clean the dirt off of them carefully, ensuring that you do not bend the cooling fins. Use a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean the fins. While you are cleaning the cooling fins, it may be beneficial to test the coolant level. This is a frequent cause of air conditioner freezing. However, it is necessary to contact a professional maintenance person or air conditioner technician to test and replace the coolant in your air conditioner.

Examine the air conditioner fans to ensure that they are working properly as well.

If any of these component pieces of the air conditioner do not seem to be functioning adequately, investigate whether they may be maintained at home or whether it is beneficial to hire an air conditioner technician. Thoroughly examining and maintaining your conditioner will decrease the chances of repeat freezings in the future.

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