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Convert with Confidence

March 20, 2013 by admin | Category: EducationalComments (0)


Ensuring a proper match-up of evaporator coils, filter drier and TXV will maintain high efficiency in R22-to-R410A converted units and prevent callbacks. Just follow these three easy steps:


1. Match the outdoor unit properly to an AHRI-rated evaporator coil to ensure system performance. An improperly matched indoor coil can create undue stress on a cooling system, resulting in dramatically reduced efficiency and possible premature failure.

2. Flush the system with a solvent formulated for R410A retrofits to
clean the line set of particulates, acid, oil and water that could undermine your retrofit. When possible, replace the line set for better results.

3. Install a filter drier and well-matched TXV to ensure proper refrigerant flow, optimize performance.


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